One of My True Love

Juli 03, 2016

I just wanna tell you all guys if I had true loves. One of them is beatuful and amazing women and one again is handsome and cool man. I felt lucky because had them in my short life. This is some pictures from one of my true loves, my father, Abah! This pictures took in Pantai Kemang, South Trenggalek (information from Abahself). So, you can look how handsome he is from this amazing pictures.

This is my favourite photo! Bah, I wanna go to this beach with you. <3

Abah is one of my inspiring people beside my true love. Abah is inspiring me at all. His thought, his style, his spirit to be success entrepreneur, and at all. Abah teach me everything including how to be good girl wkwkwk. Abah always give me spirit to continue
my study in college. Abah is kind person that always support me to be myself, not to be other people. 

Abah's hobby is touring with his moge or maybe you can call it big motorcycle? Hehe Abah likes touring since years ago (sorry I forgot when it is). Yesterday, Abah success bought new big motorcycle after his fight and effort to save his money. He collected so much money to buy his motor dream because motorcycle that he want is very expensive. Because my mom, Ibuk, always support anything that Abah want if makes himself happy. In May 2016, Abah succeed to buy this motor and he can delivering me to attend SBMPTN exam in Malang. From Tulungagung to Malang, I just go there with big motor with Abah. With high speed, I felt excited when Abah use this new motor. 

Abah with CBR1000cc

Abah was born in Tulungagung, September 16, 1971. Abah real Tulungagung people and marriend with Ibuk in Tulungagung too. Abah and Ibuk lived in Tulungagung too and I am grow up untill now in Tulungagung. Because a lot history, I wanna stay in Tulungagung, always. I dont wanna go leave Abah and Ibuk with live in another city. I just wanna stay in Tulungagung for Abah and Ibuk soon. This is one of my dreams so none can disaggre my dream despite Abah and Ibuk. Literally, Abah and Ibuk want something best to me like live and get good job in big city example Jakarta, Bandung, Jogja, aetc. But it is not my final destination. It is not my dream. It is not makes me happy. Happiness is when I can stay near Abah Ibuk to treating them in their old age. No matter how and where I can get much money if I still staying in Tulungagung but I had planning for my future. Because my spirit and effort, insyaAllah Allah will give me rizki because I think I have good intention.

Abah is very very very handsome man that I ever seen before you*. Haha. Abah is my love. I really love him and will always love him. I never for his love, kindness, effort, merit, and all for my life. Abah always effort to my better life in my future. Thankful to Allah because He gave me the right person like Abah. Abah is very precious for me. And none any words can explain how I feel lucky to meet him in my short life. :)

Abah, thank you at all everything that you gave to me. As your daughter, I can just say thank you so so soooo much. I am sorry if I can reply all your kindness for me untill now. I am sorry if I had any mistakes that make your heart broken. But soon, I will always stay beside you. InsyaAllah in Allah aggrement. Aameen aameen.

*You? Who is you? I dunno. It is very mistery wkwkwkwk. Okay please forget it now! Seriously you are not important for my life so please go away!!

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